Terms and Conditions of SoundCloudDownload.CO

Last updated on 16 December, 2017

Terms & Conditions of Use

  1. If you use this site (instagramvideodownloader.net) then you will agree all the terms and conditions.
  2. We do not host any mp3 track/song file of SoundCloud, we do not store any kind of song of SoundCloud.
  3. You will not keep the mp3 file in your memory or hard drive, after 24 hours you will have to delete that MP3 Song file.
  4. You will not upload and distribute downloaded MP3 file because it is not your property.
  5. Google Ads use your cookies to display ads which you was looking for.
  6. You have to turn off your ads blocker while using/visting our website.
  7. If you upload/share downloaded MP3 file, We will take strick action against you.
  8. You have to accept our privacy & policy.

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